Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Video Using Flip Cam

For a couple of months I’ve been noticing YouTubers talk about their Flip cams. Naturally I became interested in purchasing one. The question I had was whether it would work with my Mac. I was assured when I bought mine there would be no problem. Well, I did run into trouble getting my file, from the camera over to iMovie ’08, as a usable file.

Fortunately a friend e-mailed me a site that had three things to try. The last one on the list was Div X Doctor II. Finally I was able to make a file that maintained sound. Then I used MPEG Streamclip to make a MPEG 4 file. After that I had no problems.

The video was shot since renovations were completed at Cleanerama. I figured it would be nice to show how much nicer the place looks. Using the same music from the last video I shot there, I assembled my video in iMovie '08. Flip cam handles low light levels very well. I was pleased with the results.

3 min 5 sec

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