Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Alpha Alpha Series!

It’s been a little over four months and I have finally completed my Alpha Alpha Series. The paintings mark a journey back to a process I used on some 6” x 6” dot paintings I call the “Greek Code Series.” Each painting was named after a letter in the Greek Alphabet. Since all the names in the new bunch begin with “Alpha,” I figured I’d name this group the “Alpha Series.” For a while I couldn’t find that size. Once I did, however, I ordered a bunch of them. Below are the paintings in a checkerboard slideshow.

As I started posting photos of my new works, a friend mentioned that they looked like mandalas. Well, that was not the intent of these works per se, but I went ahead and continued to pattern them in a similar way. Because of some an upcoming show I will return to the smaller size as I begin the “e” Series. Simultaneously I will be working on some more 6” x 6”‘s and 20” x 20”’s. When I have more information will post it.

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