Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Apha Series Music Video!

Four years ago I created patterned dot paintings that I call the "Alpha Series." Recently I decided to make a music video using still photos of the paintings. I used iMovie to assemble the images and add the "Cross Zoom" transition - which adds an animated effect. After uploading the video to YouTube, I added the music, "Swing on It (Instrumental) - Heavy Hitters" by Frederik Rubins, from the YouTube library.

In 2010 I started on a second group of paintings, but then got bogged down in the BP Oil Spill story. That tangent sort of put me in a funk and I abandoned that effort. I do plan to do a "Beta Series" that is closer to my "Alpha Series." Sketching new patterns has been a delaying factor. In the meantime enjoy this video.

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