Monday, February 12, 2007

New Pages

Besides working on some new dot paintings, I have been tinkering with some new networking pages. Recently these pages have added more features that make the pages more exciting than when I first began to play with them.

Frappr centers round maps. Each participant types a city or town to add to the map. Also, a “shout-out” may be added. There are map categories for a variety of interests: books, browsers, movies, music, television, etc.

Frappr: dotdude

has an area called “Yahoo 360˚.” It combines a blog with lists of interest, photo albums and reviews. It has some similarities to MySpace.

Yahoo 360˚throwsomepaint

YouTube continues to add features. I’ve changed my page to a “director’s page.” After all, the videos I’ve uploaded I put together.

YouTube: dotdude

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