Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freewebs Improves, I Set Up a Page

Recently I noticed an article on Mashable about improvements on the site Freewebs. Four months ago I had fiddled with a site there and became totally annoyed with it. This morning I decided I was going to try once more. Well now I have a new page to show off.

As I have on other pages I used photo blurs from "Dirty Linen Night." They worked out well with a template I chose and avatar I chose. In fact I didn't have to change any CSS code. The template I used does have that option. So, click on the link below to see my latest page.

Freewebs: dotartdude

What is nice about Freewebs. is that a lot of tabs are set up as a default, i.e., a blog, a guestbook, a profile, etc. There is also the ability to add a range of widgets, polls and questionnaires as well as maintain a forum.

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