Monday, October 01, 2007

New Video, New Vimeo Channel

Recently I completed a video of a drive on I-10 called Road Home Highway. It is now posted on a newer blog, video process. This blog features videos that make use of special and or arty effects.

When I uploaded my new video to Vimeo last night, I noticed that channels are now being offered. Having set one up on YouTube, I figured that this opportunity might be worthwhile. Previously I have uploaded videos to Vimeo. I decided on dotartvideo as my channel name.

The odd thing is channels can avoid having features. It's a matter of customizing a channel. On a default channel there are boxes for a calendar, a blog, shoutouts, files (audio, image or document), links, channel activity, RSS feed, moderator(s), subscribers (little avatar squares together – similar to some blog networking) and even a forum that allows for topics (private and or public).

Dalas Verdugo’s tutorial videos explain everything about setting up and managing channels. He states that subhead bars were purposely given a gross color so you’d change them. That amused me.

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