Thursday, May 30, 2013

dotdude Channel Seventh Anniversary!

Seven years ago I decided to create a YouTube channel called dotdude. The digital camera that I bought in the fall of 2005 included digital video as one of its features. Through trial and error I taught myself how to shoot video and how to edit video using Apple’s iMovie software.

As the years have passed I purchased a couple of Flipcams and more recently a Sony camcorder. Some of my videos are simple observational, while others are more experimental. At times I’ve added music and sound to my videos. As the software changed, I tried new features.

Below is one of my first videos I shot. It includes an angel statue next to a small lily pond with a fountain. A number of homes in New Orleans have patio gardens that include fountains and/or ponds. So, I decided to make a still image of the statue with pond as my channel avatar.

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